Rachel Messer

Rachel L. Messer is assertive, but remains down to earth. She is a truly brave advocate for her clients. She is ambitious and hardworking. She communicates well with others, is professional, can be relied upon to undertake time sensitive tasks, and has experience in a wide variety of law.

Attorney Messer was working as a probation officer when she realized her dream of becoming a lawyer. She felt her true calling was to counsel and advocate. While in law school and in prior practice, she expanded her legal knowledge outside the realms of criminal law. In law school, she travelled abroad to Italy to study the European legal system and the International Sale of Goods (CISG in Comparative Perspective). She also trained under Jurist Chief Judge Anthony Scirica of the Third Circuit and others while studying comparative constitutional law and international business transactions.  She graduated earning concentrations in both International Law and Business Transactions. In the years since law school, she gained working experience in immigration, personal injury, civil claims and criminal law.

Attorney Messer does not believe it is hard to become a lawyer and represent someone; but, becoming a good lawyer takes years of dedication and the commitment to go the extra mile to advocate for each individual client.